Minimal setup includes connecting following pins:
- battery VCC and GND to li-ion battery.
- SIM card connections to SIM card holder
- charger pin and GND to external 5V stabilizator (for now)
- gps NMEA port TX and RX
- modem port TX and RX
- power ON/OFF pin via button to GND
- state pin via led diode to GND 
- (Optional) GPIO1 pin with zeiner diode to gnd and 20k rezistor to IGNITION.
- (Optional) rest of the modem signals to level translator to enable CMUX
Modem tx and rx pins are used to tranfer python software to the module. Level translator is needed to connect these pins to PC. MAX232 or similar will do. To be able to enable debugging CMUX option the rest of the modem signals need to be connected to level translator and PC as well.
When module is in working state gps NMEA tx and rx pins are connected to medem rx and tx pins. Software uses to read NMEA sentences from modem port input, parses them and transfers to server.

Software consists of several python files with extension .py . Configuration is in file Relevant configuration options are PROVIDER_APN, SERVER_IP and SERVER_PORT. Server ip and server port is the destination tcp server where devices will send their information. There should be listening multi-threaded server that logs data to database or files.
After .py files are transfered to module with at command AT#wscript, has to be enabled as the starting script:
When module reboots .py files have to be compiled (except for which can take up to 10 min depending on code size. If no error occured there will be .pyo file for all .py files except for and device should connect to server.
Currently there are three data items device sends to server.
  1. when connection has just been established device sends login packet with it's imei
  2. when ignition line changes state device sends $io_alarm,ignition,1 or $io_alarm,ignition,0
  3. every GPS position is sent in 18byte binary packet similar to Falcom SteppII format.

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