Project easyDevice is based arround telit modules GE863-GPS and GE862-GPS. GE863-GPS is taken as the main development platform although many software libraries could be used for any other telit module that has python interpretator built in.
Main goal of the project is to develop a software and hardware configuration for telit module to be able to monitor vehicle location and technical information in realtime.
  1. Install module on any transport, supply with current. The module should start transmitting it's location and speed every 3 to 60 sec. Module should not transmit it's location when transport is not moving.
  2. Module, when connected to ignition lines, should send "ignition_on" and "ignition_off" events.
  3. As data transmission is done over GPRS, module should automatically sense when GPRS is not available, gather data and retransmit it when GPRS becomes available
  4. All data from module is transfered to server over GPRS and tcp connection. Data transfer protocol should be compact to minimise GPRS expenses.
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